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Riding Into Twenty-seventeen

My in-country travel experiences last year, in the Congo-Nile trail and especially my trip to Nyagatare, inspired me to go look again and go to other places across the country. I promised myself to do a tour of the thousand-hills (not on a bike), look for stories and inspiration.

Going to Inganzo Arts Centre

Mr. Binamungu’s dream, and what Inganzo Arts Centre stands for, is unbeatable. I cannot wait to see what the arts centre—result of a seed planted five years ago—will bring to his life and its role in giving our visual artists a sense of direction.

The Artist In Cédric Mizero

Making Imagination Seem Too Obvious

At the age of 22, Cédric Mizero is doing what many young Rwandan artists hardly do today. Armed with what appears to be the commonly used materials in the past decade and a half or so, he is showcasing what imagination looks like. His work focuses on haute couture, fusing design skills and art to make “new, unique, beautiful, self-explanatory” garments.

A Quick Thought On The Blackouts

Just on Twitter, we were getting crazy over the blackout. My timeline was filled with everything, anything expressing anger over REG’s struggle to deliver, and worse its silence and failure to communicate. Honestly, I think it’s unacceptable – I know

Balbine Mutoni Returns

Armed With Her Strategy, Miss Rwanda Could Get Better

EN months ago, I wrote an article to explain why Balbine Mutoni’s presentation at the Miss Rwanda 2015 finale was almost what people who follow the competition deserved. Unlike other contestants, as I tried to capture, she did not just explain

Annual Miss Rwanda Debate Open

IT IS ON. Rwanda’s leading news websites have published this week stories, resulting from a presser that happened Wednesday afternoon, on Miss Rwanda 2016. Of course, the sponsor-in-chief COGEBANK reveals the car they’ve reserved for the winner and talk about

Christmas Time

Whether one celebrates Christmas or not, it makes us want to embrace the culture. Because it is, apparently, wide open and evoking. It is, and we feel or understand, more than just about a religion, belief. It is real –

Crying For Amavubi

I really LMAO last weekend when I read Amavubi coach Johnny McKinstry’s comments in The New Times, regarding the Tuesday return-leg against Libya. According to sports reporter Peter Kamasa, McKinstry claimed “Libya will not find it easy in Kigali playing

Hello From The Other Side

When Joe Covers Adele's 'Hello'

I had not listened to Adele’s latest single, Hello, quite carefully before I watched its cover by Joe on Saturday. When she released the song on 23 October 2015, she captured the hearts of many – reactions were all over the Internet:

The Old Soul of Tom Close

When Tom Close came out as first winner of Rwanda’s leading music competition, Primus Guma Guma Super Star (PGGSS), in 2011, it wasn’t a surprise for many. He is the man who spearheaded Rwanda’s contemporary, and surely most celebrated, music

Stromae In Kigali — Again

When Stromae announced his Africa tour on 17 April (which scheduled Rwanda for 20 June 2015), Kigali rolled out the red carpet the next day. The excitement was huge, both from within and outside the country, but fans were disappointed when it

Can We Live Without Artists?

We all love artists. They make us discover new worlds. They make us believe, even more, in the power of humanity. And, very importantly, they remind us—most of the time—of who we are and what we are capable of. Artists

The Silence of Jehovah

In March 2008, a few weeks before the commemoration, I wrote a collection of poetry on Genocide. Entitled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, its raison d’etre remains one of my personal motivations to writing more about Rwanda and the 1994 Genocide

A Conversation With the Dead

Keeping Up With the Promise of Renewal

It’s not being slaughtered by machete that only really hurts. It hurts to think about who you’re leaving behind. The dead worried about their loved ones. They wanted to be there when their children grow up, go to school, get

Remembering at Umudugudu

We Share and Discuss Openly, 21 Years Later

It is April. The seventh. Twenty-one since ‘94. Early morning, everything is quiet. You only hear a bird’s call. There is almost no traffic on the streets. Quite like in the previous years, on the same date. Things are different

Lesson From The Balbine Strategy

Why Balbine’s Pitch at Miss Rwanda Grand Finale Wasn't Just Another Promise

Right after the organizers of Miss Rwanda 2015 concluded the search for 25 pre-finalists from their tour across Rwanda’s provinces and the City of Kigali, we saw massive online campaigns to promote the contestants — surely the best since 2009. Many of