10 Young Rwandan Entrepreneurs You Should Follow On Twitter

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As more people Rwandans continue to embrace the use of social media to communicate, more young entrepreneurs in various sectors are using Twitter to engage their followers and spread the word about what they are doing.

Here’s a list of top 10 of the most interesting young Rwandan entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter:

1 – Edwin Mukizawabo

Very engaging and conversational, Edwin tweets is your bet when it comes to straight comments on topics of current affairs. He’s the major shareholder in Union Trading Company, a business that employs over 200 people.

2 – Innocent Kaneza

A tech addict, Kaneza is among Rwanda’s most respected coders. His company, Esicia, has been a leader in software development, web design and development, mobile applications solutions over the years, working with government, telecoms, banks, insurance companies and NGOs. Kaneza dropped out of college in 2004 to become one of the most successful young business leaders.

3  – Akaliza Keza Gara

Currently pursuing her post-graduate studies, Akaliza is a “serial entrepreneur” who founded Shaking Sun, a company that offers services in web development, graphic design and animation. Her recent adventure is Yambi Animation Studios. Akaliza pioneered the ‘Rwandans on Twitter’ (#RwOT) hashtag.

4 – Clement Uwajeneza

Formerly CEO of software company AxIS, Uwajeneza is currently leading the implementation of the Rwanda Online platform, an integrated platform that will exclusively offer Government services in Rwanda, via web and mobile.

5 – Gael V. Ruboneka

Co-founder and CEO of illume Creative Studio, Gael is Rwanda’s leading photographer. A biologist who spent much of his childhood in the Akagera National Park and lived in Gabon for 10 years doing research, he’s the author of Butterflies of Gabon (2010).

6 – Diana Mpyisi

Diana co-founded Spoken Word Rwanda with aim to bring people together to celebrate the expression of self mainly through poetry, spoken word, and music. She is also the founder of Blue Oceans, a consultancy firm that specialises in media, communication and creative arts.

7 – Gilbert Rwabigwi

A social entrepreneur, Rwabigwi is Rwanda’s top youth literacy advocate. He is the founder of YouLI, a nonprofit that helps young Rwandans enhance their literacy and writing skills. He is also one of the people behind Ejo Group, a business that specialises in social media and content marketing.

8 – Matthew Rugamba

Founder and Creative Director of House of Tayo, a fashion house which “aims to showcase this African Sophistication, Style and Flavor through contemporary, locally made clothing and accessories.”

9 – Clarisse Iribagiza

CEO at HeHe Labs, Clarisse has been Rwanda’s most celebrated young entrepreneur since her 2012 Inspire Africa win. Early this year, Forbes featured Clarisse among Africa’s top 30 most promising young entrepreneurs.

10 – Aphrodice Mutangana

A social entrepreneur who initiated the Incike project, Aphrodice is the founder of FOYO Group, a tech company that offers e-health and advertisement solutions. Earlier this years, he launched Napteker, a pharmaceutical directory that provides information on important issues pertaining to drugs in Africa.

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