If there is anything that is constant in life is change. And if there is anything that is mostly resisted, it is change.

  • Who Moved My Cheese* is a fable about two mice and two human beings that experienced change and their reaction. While the four of these beings used to having cheese at the same place, the same time – and how they wanted it – time came when there was no more cheese for them. The two mice, being wise and always ready, moved locations while the two humans stayed hoping the cheese will be back.

The fable is a reflection of how hard it is to adapt to change and move from our comfort zone but unfortunately, we cannot always expect to stay in the same place. While one of the humans finally decided to move along and look for cheese somewhere else, his friend stayed on whining and not doing anything about it.

Is it hard for you to anticipate or even adapt to change? Are you stuck in a place that you despise and are not doing anything about it? You have two choices: do something about it or stay miserable.

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