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It's the season of love!

I hope you had a wonderful week, filled with moments of love and appreciation for those who hold a special place in your life. While Valentine's Day may sometimes feel overly commercialised, it is still a nice reminder to show affection, don't you think? But it shouldn’t be the only time you express or receive love. Make it a habit to show love and celebrate those dear to your heart.

Today, I'm diving into a reader's question about planning successful dates. Remember my dating disaster from last year? This time, let us focus on some positive tips based on my personal experiences and preferences. (Disclaimer: I am no love guru, so take what resonates and adapt it to your specific situation!)

First things first: let's ditch the mundane "What did you eat?" chat. Get to know the person! If your conversation feels like a never-ending exchange of "and you?" and "me," things might fizzle out quickly. Here is a secret weapon: "We're Not Really Strangers" has cards with conversation prompts that spark deeper connections. There are more examples of such cards online and in bookstores. These work wonders in friendships and family interactions, too.

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