Meet Stromae at a morning presser in Kigali

It’s Saturday morning. Tens of local journalists, media personalities and bloggers wait for Belgian singer Stromae to enter the room. 

It is almost 11. He arrives. Everyone in the room is busy trying to capture the moment, after a long wait. 

His mum, Miranda Marie Van Haver, has also graced the journey back home. Well dressed, she looks thrilled to be back. And she does not miss a chance to chat with a few journalists present.

Skinny and tall, the 30-year old artist looks relaxed and very well rested.

“I’m very happy to be here [in Rwanda],” he says. And to remind he is home, Stromae adds “it’s quite strange how I can identify myself with most of the faces around.”

Paul Van Haver, whose Rwandan father, late architect Pierre Rutare, was killed during the genocide in 1994, has made the sensation in the room quite intense. It is his first visit since he was 5.

A renowned popstar who has previously appeared emotional in the media, he looks sensitive but considerate. He wants to make it happen in Kigali and he promises to remain “professional” during his performance.

On a semi-cold and rainy morning, he seemingly wants to contain his feelings. He takes it easy and looks simple. More than three times, he says “I don’t remember what the question was.” It sounds strange but, above all, it feels genuine.

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