Many times we, especially the young, are involved in several things — from projects to small ideas, creating and implementing the “next big” things, etc. We are thinking big not only because it is what our nation’s leadership is pushing forward, but it is a necessity for any business or initiative to grow and adapt to changes through the 21st century.

Because we are, in many ways, exposed to more — or better — information and knowledge, we are free to dream and aspire for pretty much everything that’s good for ourselves and the societies we live in. Every week, I meet amazing people, I meet splendid hearts and minds. People who are driving change in different fields, people who have worked, and are working, to keep this country moving forward. I, and we all do, meet the successful and those who have failed — failed, failed and tried, tried, tried again. Or those who remain with fear to go for it — follow their dreams or the things they’re “passionate” about. Because they, perhaps, understand it’s not enough to carry the passion. You need skills and all that… really.

But for those who fear to collaborate, those you meet almost everyday — those who think it’s not safe — it is never easy to grow, never easy to flourish and achieve their full potential. It’s never possible to fully cater for the “big dreams” we have individually, or collectively, if we work alone. And if we think it’s safer.

Some people are extraordinarily talented. Some others are amazingly skilled. Others, simply, will contribute with another driving force. But it is those who collaborate, bring together their energies, passions, and resources, who make bigger steps.

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