I tell my friends (perhaps jokingly) that reading fiction is a waste of time, unless you are laughing at it. So, quite frankly, I don’t read fiction — except when a friend asks me to read a book and insists. Part of the reason is that most fiction books I have tried to read have been annoying enough for me not to go past five pages. And there is also, most important, the fact that I do not prefer to reason from anecdotes.

But I had read Caroline Numuhire’s writing before.

I first met Caroline six years ago at a writing workshop. She had a warm and energetic attitude, quite distinguishable that it stayed with me. And I, later on, became familiar with her writing and storytelling as we interacted further, having also read some of her published work and one of her manuscripts. In a short time, she has published works that include Mirrors of Stolen Hearts, (self-published, 2017), a collection of eight short stories, and L’oncle gynécologue (L’Harmattan, 2018), a French novel.

Those who have read Caroline’s books know she writes beautifully, with passion and fervour. I had such a motivation to indulge myself with this one.

In her latest book, Between Wild and Free (published last year), Caroline deploys her literary flair in a first-person narrative to tell the story of Linda, a thirty-year-old Rwandan woman who’s navigating a series of dramatic events in both her personal and professional lives. She works in Kigali at a regional office of a non-governmental organisation that supports social entrepreneurship, with headquarters in the United States. She had previously worked at an innovation institute, where she kept contacts with a group of former colleagues.

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