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December is here, and it is only right to reflect on the year that has made many of us forget life in a pandemic. The festive season is an exciting time for sure — to celebrate with family and friends, while refraining from the day-to-day workings of modern life — and so we all look forward to it. This period also invites new year’s resolutions, which make some of the best pieces of thought to read sometimes. Should you wish to share some of yours with us, please feel welcome.

At the top of The Kigalian's areas of interests, economics has taken a lead in the past year. With the current inflation rates and a global recession looming, it has also been an important time to observe what local and regional businesses and startup entrepreneurs have been up to. You will not be surprised to know that we believe in the power and the role of entrepreneurship in shaping a prosperous future for our countries, particularly those in the low-income category.

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