We're very open to contributions. If you're a fierce writer looking to share an idea, story, or profile, this is your platform. We generally publish articles that range between 350 and 500 words.

You can enquire additional information by reaching out to us via email as provided below.

How to Pitch to the Editor

The best pitches are succinct and focused. They have a firm grasp on why the story is interesting and original, what makes it a natural fit for The Kigalian, and the process that will get us to a great final product. When possible, point to specific sources you want to interview, or material you'd like to review,  and note if access could be an issue. Lastly, tell us why you’re the right person to tell this story. Do you have a foothold in the right communities? What knowledge or expertise do you bring?

Most editors want to work on shaping the story with you, so we don’t recommend sending completed drafts. Instead, please send a succinct pitch via editor@kigalian.com anytime.

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