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Wondering why millions of Rwandans want President Paul Kagame to remain head of state after his second-term expires in 2017? Simple: Rwanda has registered the fastest growth in the last 25 years. We are better for it and want this growth to continue.
> Rwandans can now expect to live almost 32 years longer than they did in 1990 []( []( > > — The Economist (@TheEconomist) [December 15, 2015](

Many-a-time, especially these days, we are asked about 2017.  It’s always interesting to watch/hear the responses – all rooted in arguments for change based on what happens elsewhere or deemed “best practice.”  Well, Rwandans are thinking different for now and I believe it’s rooted in what we see and enjoy on the ground summarized by The Economist.

As a matter of fact this growth has been registered in the last 15 years given that between 1994 and 2000 we focused on establishing a great foundation for national security, unity and reconciliation.

In 2000, we begun implementing Vision 2020.  Today, Rwanda is better than it’s ever been and it is so because of President Kagame’s leadership.  Yes, it’s selfish for us to want for him to continue as president given that since he was a teenager, he’s been fighting for Rwandans and deserves to rest.  However, we think we aren’t where we need to be and want him to continue to leading us to realizing the promise of our Vision 2020 and beyond.

History will judge our choice.

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