Your Daily Dose 16/11/2015

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  1. Bagwire Keza Joannah hits fourth place in Miss Heritage Global 2015 that took place in South Africa. (Umuseke)
  2. As the Paris attacks are still fresh, it’s hard to imagine now the likes of Ben Carson and Donald Trump acting as President of the United States, columnist Richard Cohen writes. (The Washington Post)
  3. Former editor at The New York Times explains why Americans care more about Paris than Lebanon, pointing to “emotional proximity.” (Medium)
  4. Rwanda draws in “death group” for CHAN 2016, with Ivory Coast, Morocco and Gabon. (Igihe)
  5. Court rules Bruce Melody to pay Rwf 3 million to former label Super Level over contract dispute. (Inyarwanda)
  6. A leading doctor says smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have an automatic “bedtime mode” that stops them disrupting people’s sleep. (BBC)
  7. Why Facebook’s Safety Check was activated for Paris attacks but not Beirut. (TIME)

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