Your Daily Dose 17/11/2015

Here’s your daily dose of must-reads to get you ahead of the curve:

  1. Oxford Dictionaries made history by announcing that their “Word of the Year” would not be one of those old-fashioned, string-of-letters-type words at all. Instead, it’s an emoji, an acknowledgement of just how popular these pictures have become. (TIME)
  2. Media personality Albert Rudatsimburwa has invested over half-a-billion Rwandan francs in Contact TV. In an extensive profile, he explains why the station aspires to become the Al Jazeera of Africa. (Igihe)
  3. Ban Ki-moon will visit North Korea later this week, to discuss the country’s nuclear programme (among other issues) with Kim Jong Un. (CNN)
  4. Email is the best way to reach millennials: A recent study says millennials check email more than any other age group, and nearly half can’t even use the bathroom without checking it. (Havard Business Review)
  5. Terror is the same in Paris, Garissa or Kigali and must be fought the same way, Joseph Rwagatare writes. (The New Times)
  6. 23 state governors in the U.S. say they won’t accept Syrian refugees. (Vox)

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