Your Daily Dose 28/01/2016

Here’s your daily dose of must-reads to get you ahead of the curve:

  1. Prosecution wants secondary school girl who hacked teacher imprisoned for two years. (The New Times)
  2. One tweet on losing weight earned Oprah $12 million in just an hour. (Kicker)
  3. Electoral commission in DRC says it won’t be able to organise presidential elections this year, as expected. (Mail&Guardian Africa)
  4. New survey says at least 92% of Rwandans “feel that unity and reconciliation has been achieved and that citizens live in harmony.” (The New Times)
  5. Local artist and band leader Makanyaga to release first studio album in 47 years. (Igihe)
  6. Some believe Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson could make a come back. (OZY)

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