Your Daily Dose 01/02/2016

Here’s your daily dose of must-reads to get you ahead of the curve:

  1. Instagram user calls HelloFood’s controversial advert a result of “poor advertisement”. (The Kigalian)
  2. The World Health Organization declared the Zika crisis—a mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects—an international public health emergency, freeing money to fund international efforts to combat the disease. (TIME)
  3. There’s a serious problem with the way we measure food – and it may mean you’re consuming much more than you realise. (BBC)
  4. About 200 names are under scrutiny for new list of Rwanda national heroes. (The New Times)
  5. New song by Young Grace, Ataha He?, receives praise. (The Kigalian)
  6. To restore sight to damaged eyes, doctors often need to transplant the cornea – the transparent covering of the iris and the pupil – from a donor’s dead body. There is a worldwide shortage, but one country, Sri Lanka, is doing its best to satisfy demand, without seeking any reward – at least in this life. (BBC)

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