Your Daily Dose 14/06/2016

Here’s your daily dose of must-reads to get you ahead of the curve:

  1. The Rwandan government has allocated up to seven billion Rwandan francs in current fiscal budget for the construction of a new building of Carnegie Mellon University in Kigali. (Igihe)
  2. Fourty-nine people are dead and fifty-three injured in America’s 173rd mass shooting this year. And the gunman specifically targeted a gay bar on Sunday night. (Kicker)
  3. Microsoft has acquired professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion; the largest in its history. (The Wall Street Journal)
  4. Apple has announced, at its annual developers conference, it will launch “Breathe”, an app that reminds users to breathe, later this year. (TIME)
  5. Confessions of Michael Jackson’s Irish surgeon in his autobiography. (Irish Central)
  6. South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is suffering from major depression, a psychologist says at his sentencing hearing for the murder of his girlfriend. (BBC)

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