WHILE thrills and enthusiasms are taking our hearts as we see sixteen CHAN nations’ flags waving in Kigali and other parts of the nation, I have taken upon myself to layout what I think could be a most likely ideal money-making sector during these next few weeks—besides the obvious hotels and other hospitality facilities, not to mention transportation.

Today I am very confident that the consumer goods sector would be in a much higher demand during these coming few weeks. Goods like food, clothes, and Rwandan proprietary artworks should be selling on a very strong momentum; mostly at places nearby stadiums where dozens of thousands of soccer fanatics would be gathering on a daily basis.

When I visited Brazil a couple of days before the 2014 World Cup, there were all kinds of paintings, all kinds of customized team t-shirts and food trucks all over the place, to name a few. For God’s sake I even got a Brazilian flag spray-painted on my face. But well, I just wanted to enjoy local bars with a friend of mine. It was a very exciting experience. People spend a lot of money on trivial memorable moments like this. I am very confident these locals made millions of dollars during that month.

Now, I think most of our fellow Africans will be visiting Rwanda for their first time. Given the exciting occasions, they will most likely be trying to take some souvenirs, upon their departure, back to their homelands. This is the time when our artists should be painting all kinds of CHAN customized tableaus to be sold at the gates of stadiums or wherever their respective shops are located.  This is the time when, in addition to delicious Rwandan dishes, restaurant businesses should be diversifying their menus—Hey, why not throw in a few famous West-African dishes such as couscous? Anything to get these guests pay you a visit every lunch hour is worthwhile.

Long story short, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this tournament. Figure out what you can sell to these guys and go out there; sell it hardcore. Don’t take No for an answer. Keep asking for theorder until they buy. For instance, basic things like cold bottled waters would do. Anything at all. If you can sell hundreds of units a day at a decent profit-margin, then do it every day; day and night.

Most of all, igikombe ni icyacu!

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