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People have, on several occasions, asked us what’s our editorial line, but we never really wanted to comment. In the past two years, our publication has worked independently and roughly as we set ourselves to a journey of discovering the site’s potential and see how things shape up. Today, we know what we stand for and here we explain.

Call it our editorial line. We call it our edView.

We believe in freedom. We don’t believe what’s popular is necessarily what’s right. We believe in truth and what is represents, and we are biased towards that. We know everyone has an opinion and we think it’s always good to listen, even when it’s bullsh*t. We love writing about people, especially those whose stories have not been mentioned in the mainstream. And those are less privileged. We don’t think a successful article is necessarily one that’s attracted huge traffic. Sometimes it’s those small pieces that are read by few which make us happy. To measure impact, we do not necessarily look at “big numbers.” We don’t write on a topic just because it’s trending or because it’s all over the news. We encourage provocative opinion. Most of our writing smells coffee.

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