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Earphones on, my music app plays one of my current favourite – Charly/Nina’s hit-song ‘Indoro’. It’s Monday evening. Almost night. However you call it.
Just on Twitter, we were getting crazy over the blackout. My timeline was filled with everything, anything expressing anger over REG’s struggle to deliver, and worse its silence and failure to communicate.

Honestly, I think it’s unacceptable – I know we’re working hard and we still do not have enough – but, just like I asked sometime last year, how does anyone justify up to 5 consecutive on-and-offs in just a period of 4 minutes?

I think there is something wrong in REG and whatever is its affiliation and someone out there, if not us, must find out. I love the strength and determination we’ve shown, over the last two years, in investing more in the energy sector but, again, we should avoid doing the same mistakes we did, say, when we bought ‘fake’ generators.

It happened, several times last year. We should not let it happen again this year – it’s 2016.

But at this point, maybe, all we should ask for is clear communication and accountability.

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