Miss Rwanda Kundwa Doriane’s Boyfriend Status Excites Giggles

Get A Beauty Queen's Laugh Too

KigaliOut, a website that provides “a complete guide to a perfect day out” in Rwanda’s capital city, has published a new episode of The Scoop series, featuring an interview with beauty queen Kundwa Doriane, Miss Rwanda 2015.

In a five-minute video uploaded on YouTube,  Miss Kundwa responds to questions ranging from her favourite beauty queen to her favourite music, her relationship status, and more.

Asked if she’s in a relationship, the answer is ‘no’, but, interestingly, here is how she responds:

Yes, she said, “No, no, no, no, no – I’m single.” And made a series of ecstatic laughs, especially when she was asked if she’s searching:

Miss Kundwa was also asked to describe her ideal type of boyfriend. Here is what comes first:

Although there was a shy laugh, she confidently describes her ideal type of boyfriend:

First of all, he has to be someone who understands me and who respects my decisions. And… he has to be someone who knows the value of God in his life – because without that, I don’t really think it can match. And, also, it has to be someone with dignity and someone who knows where he wants to be in life. Not doing things just because he just wants to do it, but because of a purpose.

To conclude, she added, “And of course someone who loves me; and cares about me.”

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