Kigali, Stromae Is Coming

A Celebration of Hit-music and Connection

30-year-old singer, rapper and songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin will be touring the Sub-saharan Africa region throughout May and June. He is set to perform in 8 cities, including Dakar, Praia, Douala, Abidjan, Libreville, Brazaville, Kinshasa, and Kigali.

Stromae (Paul Van Haver) will hold a concert in Kigali at the national Amahoro stadium on Saturday, 20 June 2015. The artist revealed his itinerary via Twitter last month:

This concert is what Positive Productions promises to be yet another exciting entertainment event that will bring together not only Rwandans but also other fans of music from across the region, mainly francophone Burundi and the eastern DRC.

I spoke with local event promoter Eric Kirenga, known as Eric Soul, who is working with the organisers, to have a sense of what to expect and how far Kigali is with the preparations.

“[My excitement is] a mix of total euphoria and anxiety,” Eric told me via email. “As an event promoter, when hosting such a high caliber artist, the main worry is not about the attendance – which is not a concern in this case – but about the quality of experience of the artist, the fans and the satisfaction level of his management team.”

He told me the team cannot afford to fall short on any aspects of the show, that they have taken the challenge of ensuring a world-class production value. And this take a lot more high-standard production and creativity to create a one-of-a-kind set of memorable events.

StromaeBorn from a Rwandan architect, who was killed during the 1994 genocide, and a Flemin mother, his rise to fame was significantly influenced by his hit-song “Alors on Dance” (So We Dance), released in September 2009. But it is the lead single from his second album, “Papaoutai” (Papa où t’es, meaning “Dad, where are you?”), released two years ago, that earned him immense popularity in Rwanda.

It is still not clear what his schedule in Kigali will look like, but for many Rwandans his presence means a lot more than just a celebration of globally recognised talent but also the singer’s connection with the country.

And yes, his family will get to see him too:

Although not confirmed yet, Stromae is expected to hold private meetings with a number of relatives and family friends based in Kigali.The Kigalian has also learned that tickets to the concert will be on sale across the country starting Friday 5 June, ranging between Rwf2,000 and Rwf30,000.

Update: Earlier version contained inaccuracies regarding tickets sale and prices.

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