Stromae In Kigali — Again

When Stromae announced his Africa tour on 17 April (which scheduled Rwanda for 20 June 2015), Kigali rolled out the red carpet the next day. The excitement was huge, both from within and outside the country, but fans were disappointed when it was announced that his two last concerts were cancelled because of what was initially reported as a “medical emergency” and prompted his sudden return to Europe. His management later confirmed he was suffering from “serious secondary effects of anti-malaria treatment.”

Hundreds had bought tickets to his concert—including people from as far as South Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa, Judo Kanobana of Positive Production said.

On Thursday, Stromae announced new dates for his forgotten concerts: “Kinshasa, Kigali, I am happy to announced that I will come to close my tour at your homes!” he posted on Facebook.

But this time, the concert won’t take place in the big Amahoro stadium. Organisers are taking it to ULK stadium in Gisozi, a place that still bears memories of the horrible—or sub-standard, should I say—performance by Brick and Lace on 27 July 2008 during FESPAD.

While Stromae’s new announcement isn’t as exciting as the previous, we all still want to see how his tour concludes and be there when he reconnects with his father’s homeland. He cannot afford not to make his Kigali performance special, as much as we cannot afford to miss it.

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