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Twenty-six-year-old Nigerian recording artist Wizkid arrived in Kigali on Thursday morning, where he will be performing this weekend, on Saturday, 27 August 2016, at the Mutzig Beer Fest.
Organisers had told the media he would arrive on Wednesday evening.

For sure is this #Wizkid? Journalists & bouncers were presented this "fake" gentleman in black with a cap! #Rwot

โ€” Richard Kwizera (@Muzungu4) August 24, 2016

This is the real #Wizkid. Just arrived this morning, yet many including the media thought he spent night in #Kigali

โ€” Richard Kwizera (@Muzungu4) August 25, 2016

His first tweets?

Good morning Kigali! Its ur turn Rwanda!! #StarBoy!!

โ€” Wizkid (@wizkidayo) August 25, 2016

Beautiful girls in Kigali! ๐Ÿ˜

โ€” Wizkid (@wizkidayo) August 25, 2016

The Beer Fest, organised by Rwandaโ€™s leading brewery, Bralirwa, will take place at the Romans Park Regular in Rugende, thirty minutes from downtown Kigali. Entrance fee is Frw 10,000.

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