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I had not listened to Adele’s latest single, Hello, quite carefully before I watched its cover by Joe on Saturday.

When she released the song on 23 October 2015, she captured the hearts of many – reactions were all over the Internet: across social media and major entertainment sites. Some were hard to read.

Now, more than two weeks after the come-back, fans are still celebrating – one of the latest being the contemporary rhythm and blues veteran Joe (remember *I Wanna Know *of the late-nineties?).

We’ve all had trouble talking about music in the last several days without talking about this song – and, sometimes, Bieber’s *Sorrry *– which is a heavenly musical landmark of 2015. Not talking about the excellent vocals, the lyrics are, I find, quite what the greatest of soul have always been: simple and easy.

Not particularly a fan of Joe; I just think he’s just come up with a necessary, epic embellishment (perhaps the best thing to happen to Adele since Sir David Attenborough’s gift, which I think everyone should watch) – and it has made me fall in love with this song.

Congratulations to Joe. Now we know he’ll be releasing a new album next year!

Like my friend Dustin Ishimwe wrote, “this is what happens when you make a dope song.”

P.S. - I pray and hope our musicians (or artistes?) read through the lines.

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