How to Read the Weather Forecast

Time, Temperature, and Precipitation

I feel my friends and relatives when they say the weather sucks, sometimes. Weather forecasters in the mainstream media haven’t been helpful lately, and we are not sure the experts at the Rwanda Meteorology Agency are able to communicate in a language we can understand. But technology has brought us new tools of communications and, to me, some have proved to be working quite well.

Weather apps in smartphones or tablets offer a range of metrics which are helpful. I noticed most apps fetch data from The Weather Channel, so I decided to download the Channel’s official app. Data on display – in most of the apps – includes time, description of the weather, temperature, feels, precipitation, humidity, and wind. And since what preoccupies us more often is the rain, simply take a closer look at the Precipitation tab. It gives you an estimation of chances of rain in percentage. If you have between sixty and one hundred, then know that it’s going to rain.

And that’s it. Carry your umbrella.

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