Last week, we too were left speechless when we read a public announcement by the Kacyiru sector’s office, dating from last year, which re-appeared in our social media feeds. As lovers of language and words, here we take a chance to offer some copy-editing suggestions and our own view of how it should have looked. We hope this won’t happen again.

If it were up to one of our writers, it would rather look like this:

The administration of Kacyiru sector would like to remind business people who operate bars, lodges and nightclubs that:

  • They are not allowed to employ or sell alcohol to persons who are under the age of 18;
  • Children are not allowed to enter bars, lodges and nightclubs;
  • They are advised to avoid noise pollution because it is illegal and punishable under the penal code.

Murekatete Patricie

Executive Secretary, Kacyiru Sector

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