Throughout the past twelve months or so, a few friends and I have been watching and discussing the very compelling series of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, which aired on National Geographic channel. So when the legendary film actor came to Rwanda back in May – knowing of the journey of exploration he and his team at the movie production company he co-founded have undertaken – it was easy to guess he was looking into this country’s history, the genocide, its aftermath, and our story of reconciliation.

Now Mr. Freeman will offer a new look into what binds humanity together, through a new ten-hour long series, The Story of Us, which premieres on 11 October.

“This is the story of mankind; our beliefs, our struggles, our traditions, and our inspirations,” we hear Mr. Freeman’s iconic voice explain at the beginning of the series’ trailer. “This is the story of us.”

“Once again,” he continues, “my journeys take me around the world. Meeting inspiring individuals from all walks of life. And, as always, I’ve got a lot of questions.”

We then see him in a sit-down with President Paul Kagame – in the circular conference room of Urugwiro Village – to whom he poses a poignant question: “Do you think justice and revenge are different?”

Morgan Freeman is venturing out on a global expedition to determine how different cultures and fundamental forces unite us all. #StoryOfUs

— Nat Geo Channel (@NatGeoChannel) August 1, 2017

The Story of God was immensely eye-opening. It brings a new dimension on how we look at religion, belief and life beyond sight. And at a time when freedom and media are subjects of interest to most societies, more than ever before, what these series present is a reminder that the future of education (in its broader sense) is bright.

I cannot wait to dive into what the new series will offer.

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