One of the biggest concerns researchers face — when they send, say, a hundred people to conduct a survey — is to be sure how exactly the data was obtained. You could send a collector to the bakery and get data from the butcher instead. Not only that, the classic on paper questionnaire has way too many rooms for errors and chances to be lost during the collection process.

In this era, information has to be carried on mobile, transferred in real-time, and stored on the cloud. That is the reason why research — which costs so much and is the basis of so many important decision — has to be carried out with the latest technology possible.

Mobile applications that contain a survey questionnaire are definitely apt to solving all the above issues.

Picture this: you have your sample size already defined, and you know the exact location from where you are going to collect data. All you have to do to be sure that surveyors reached the right destination is to use simple location tracking via GPS technology.

The real-time update is also done as the surveyors collect data, like this there won’t be any data tempering later. It is also imperative to keep the form error-free. This is solved by making all the questions on the questionnaire mandatory, and it is very easy to do in a mobile application.

This is quite a disruptive concept for researchers, and one can only hope to see more companies and research institutions invest in such technologies to reduce inaccuracies.

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