Beautiful, deep, well-thought, clean, overwhelming. These are just a few words one would use to describe “Birangwa” video but if I had to find one word to describe the work, it would certainly be “stunning.”

Teta Diana is one of the Rwandan artists that this magazine follows quite closely. She published her new video via YouTube on day one of May, while she has been working on her first album which is due to release later this year.

The singer-songwriter, who turned twenty-five on 5 May, has fast become one of the most respected young artists due to her authentic composition and use of traditional Gakondo genre to deliver powerful, relatable music. Her talent, in this particular song, mixes melancholy with comfort and hope — to name a few — and this new video makes it even easier for viewers to understand her current direction.

It is a piece to inspire many other local artists who are falling short.

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