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Eric Onekey is always onto something. Last time I met with him, we talked about everything: the arts, education and culture, creativity, politics, philosophy, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. And, as an artist, he keeps growing musically. For someone who has observed Eric for the past four-to-five years, nothing is more satisfying than seeing that happen.

When I first listened to his new music, I listened with keen interest and I found what I was looking for: a sense of growth. Although his work doesn’t appeal to the mainstream here, there is no doubt Eric is an inspiration to many young artists in Kigali and beyond. To see his poetry, words, and thoughts live – whether you agree with them or not – is to see the beauty of the freedom to express.

I love the passion in ‘High Power‘, the depth in ‘Hide ‘n Seek‘, the flow in ‘How Does It Feel?‘ (But who is Mucyo?); I love the amazing storytelling in ‘Bwoba‘, and the challenge in ‘Read All About It (Part 4)‘: “Remember, time waits for no procrastinator / Today I challenge you to dare and tell your story so we can all read about it.”

Enjoy listening.

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