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At ParkInn, where the after-party for his concert took place last night, I met Buravan and congratulated him. And then I asked how he was feeling. He said it’s always exhaustive. “You don’t feel your knees, but you keep going.” It was past midnight but less than two hours after the show. After such an event, that involves lots of preparations, it’s mental fitness (I understood) that keeps one going.

On a side note, I missed the concert last night. Of course, I know it’s a shame (and if anything is to blame, it’s good, long conversation with friends). But I am a fan of Buravan and I wished I could have made it there on time. Reviews from people whose good taste I trust are positive and that’s what matters now.

Buravan came in sight in twenty-sixteen with his debut song, Malaika, a sensational piece of art that celebrates the beauty of soul music. It has shaped the way we look at his talent and his direction as a young artist. Let’s revisit it.

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