This music column, through which I share my favourites every week, has brought good exchanges and memories to mind. In just a few weeks, I have seen many of our readers react with wit and passion – something you don’t always see – and it has kept the whole idea going. From Stay (Andy Bumuntu) to Ni Wowe Ndeba (Tom Close), I have learned of how Rwandan music is work-in-progress and how much we’re all supportive, in one way or another, with higher and higher expectations over time.

Last week, I shared a list of some of the greatest songs I heard this past year. This is the last Sunday of the year, so I leave you with the video music of Jess Glynne’s powerful song, Thursday. I hope it helps you reflect on the year that twenty-eighteen has been.

Until next time, have fun – and have a happy 2019!

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