You meet a young lady in a nightclub. She greets you and says she knows you on social media, then invites you to a music event at which she’s singing the following day. She’s twenty-something, she’s Burundian, lives in Canada, and she’s called Moyoni.

I did not know what to expect, nor was I sure I’d make it to the event. But in the afternoon of the following day, I thought to myself, ‘How about I make a simple search on Google and see what her voice has to offer?’

I found her extended play record on Apple Music, listened to the first and second songs, and so on. She blew my mind. Moyoni’s voice is impeccable and my friends and I made it to the event. I loved all of her songs, particularly ‘Home’ and ‘Amour (E)Perdu’.

You, too, will love her music!

Listen to the EP on Apple Music or Spotify.

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