I Am My Own Savior

When I was a child I was dependent on my parents, family, neighbors and schools. My survival was in their hands, living in their plans, following all their demands.

Now that I am older, I gained my independence as if I was held captive. I rejoiced for my freedom, living in my season, depending on my reasons, trusting my own wisdom.

Finally! I am my own savior.
Nobody to be my leader,
Pushing away any truth teller,
Allergic to anybody wiser,
Because I am my own savior.

Then Jesus found me crying in my corner,
Asked me if I needed a savior, and I assured him I was a fighter
Though I pretended to have it all together,
After all, I am my own savior.

Until I realized I wasn’t independent as I thought, I didn’t have my freedom as I thought. Just as I was a child led by my parents, I was still led by somebody, something… the society.
Living to be like everybody
Being taught to hate my body
Told to fit in, in order to get my liberty,
Hiding any signs of maturity,
Getting role models from B.E.T,
And inspiration from M.T.V.

I am not my own savior
For I am broken behind my mirror
Fooling you with my perfect behavior,
Denying how much I need a savior.

I am NOT my own savior,
For there is ONE Savior, Christ the Healer
Who doesn’t lack POWER,
And gives me strength in my FAILURES,
Protects me from TRAITORS,
Who CARES for me by NATURE,
Who gives me FAVOR,
Who allows for my UNIQUENESS to be MAJOR,
And no… He’s not a HATER.

I am my own savior… so did I believe.



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