We Remember You

A Poem for Kwibuka

Photo by Aegis Trust

Today, we remember you
We remember you, mother and father
We remember sisters and brothers
We remember aunties and uncles
We remember mama mukuru and papa mukuru
We remember cousins and nieces
We remember you husband
We remember you lovely wife
We remember you, oh dear fiancé
We remember you beautiful children
We remember you my best friend
We remember you mother and father-in-law,
We remember you friends and classmates,
We remember you—family.

Today, we also salute you
We salute you strong survivors,
We can’t wipe away all your tears,
We can’t ask you to forget,
And we can’t determine what you miss most about them.

Who knows what you remember on a quiet morning like this?
Who knows what a rainy day will bring back in your memories this month?
Who knows what the emotional songs on the radio leave in your hearts?
Who really knows how this poem will make you feel?
No one knows but you.

Being strong is the choice you have made. I salute you!

You are not alone; we are here

Here to remember with you
Here to walk with you, step by step
Here to light up the light of hope, together
Here to hold you when you feel alone
Here to love you
Here to share the stories
Here to support you
Here to remind you that things have changed,
That Rwanda has changed for good—and who can say otherwise?
See, we are all Rwandans, and very proud to be united.
So, come, let’s join our hands together and fight the genocide ideology.

Remember, we are here for you, for me, and for them.
Ngaho hora. Ihorere—ndi kumwe nawe.

Beautiful souls, we remember and we miss you all everyday.
And this hurts, every day.



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