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I’ve always thought he was good at it. Some of his songs (most of which, if not all, are in Kinyarwanda) are simply amazing. Some mornings, I wake up to my mind singing, “🎶 Niyo habura umuntu umwe gusa / Niyo bose bakwanga, / Nzaba nkigukunda … Ntuzigere umpemukira / Naho ubundi nasara / Naho ubundi nasara 🎶” or the amazing lyrics of Ntawamusimbura.

But his recent song, Slowly, (whose lyric video was released last week) gets a low grade: generic melody, lazy lyrics, and dull vocals. If Meddy is trying out a new venture, he’d better get ready for some more serious critique and resistance. His new song suggests he’s exploring the world of music in English, but I am not sure anyone likes it yet.

Meddy should quit already. ‘coz i can’t take it!

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