There Will Be 14 ‘Tugiye Kwisubiraho Your Excellency’ at Umwiherero This Year

Believability is at 70.2%

In recent years, the Rwandan national leadership retreat – known as Umwiherero (Learn more on Rwandapedia) – has attracted attention of many, both within Rwanda and abroad, especially due to the fierce speeches delievered by President Paul Kagame. In his opening speech on Monday, the president is seen asking leaders what leaves so many issues unresolved.

Since 2010, I kept a record of how many times the leaders respond to him with “Tugiye kwisubiraho, Your Excellency”, and this year I can predict there is going to be a total of fourteen. I did a regression analysis during my lunch time today and this is what it looks like:

Believability is at 70.2%, so there is no reason to depress.

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