If you’re in the entertainment business in Kigali, One-key has a few questions for you

Photo by Spoken Word Rwanda

Spoken work artist and poet Eric One-key is one of the outspoken figures on Rwanda’s social media sphere. He tweets about almost everything, from what’s cool to what’s embarrassing and his journey as a professional copywriter turned full-time artist.

“I have a couple of questions for people in the entertainment business in Kigali,” he tweeted one afternoon last week. “I’ll stick to music for now.”

1. Why is it that the amount of local music played at pubs and nighclubs is not even 5%?

2. And why do djs play the same foreign music that’s on tv all the damn time? This shocks me even when they’re playing at government events.

3. Why don’t people make karaoke tracks with Rwandan songs, old and new, yet it’s so easy to make?

Eric’s voice is asking pertinent questions. We hope he finds the answers. 🙂

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