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WHEN hip-hop artist Young Grace released her song Hello Boss in late-January 2015, none of Kigali’s music know-it-all had seen it coming. And a few months earlier, she had released another – that was already making it to the top of play-lists, on TV and radio – the sweet and smooth Sweet Poupou. I loved it, and I still play it at least to hear how she pronounces ‘sweet’ as /’sweeli/ and, of course, the part where she says, ‘pouchouli’.

A year later, again, her new music highlights the multi-talent facet that she is. She released a new video, Hangover, and made it to three major entertainment shows in the city, over the weekend, to promote her latest record, ‘Ataha He?‘ (meaning ‘Where does he stay?’).

This one, a proper illustration of a crush à la rwandaise, is a classic afro-pop that clears out any dirty anticipations most local entertainment critics could have had. It delivers the message; that she has done her homework and, maybe even, that she has spent some time with grandmother, in a quiet village, to learn of the old ways.

Young Grace 2

It is hard to decode her secret, but if you too are looking for something entertaining, different this year, Young Grace could easily be the source. Nothing suggests she won’t be cooking something new—be it in music or showbiz—when we all dance to the mix of two-step rhythm and the funky beats in the outro of her new song.

I love it; I love her courage and strength.

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