Your Twitter bio is certainly another component of your social media profiles that you should think carefully about. It is searchable in the Twittersphere and it’s worth giving a serious thought.
Coming up with a catchy bio in 160 characters becomes tough sometimes, we know. We have selected some 10 amusing bios by Rwandans that we thing might inspire you.
Please note that information below were compiled on 15 January 2014 and they are presented below in no particular order.
### [1 – Eric Ngangare (@eric1key)](
Is the content you post, sometimes, sensitive? Think of age-restrictions.
> Je tweet donc je suis. [+16]

2 – Jean Christophe Nsanzimana (@Njechris)

What do your retweets (RTs) stand for? Of course, other than endorsements!
> The only easy Day was yesterDay… Journalist | Writer | Blogger… RTs=Hey look at this #Team250 #TeamBarca

3 – Jean-Marie Vianney Gatabazi (@gatjmv)

What have you done or achieved over the last 12 years (academically and professionally)?
> BBA,MBA, MP 2001-2003 (youth) 2003-2008(RPF), 2010-13,Director of BCC CNLS/RBC 4th oct 2013 to date Member of Parliament /RPF, Politics Affairs Committee

4 – Vanessa Nzabamwita (@Vannessa_Enn)

In what accent are your tweets?
> Tweets are in the British accent.

5 – Gilbert D. Rwabigwi (@Rwabigwi)

What does your daily schedule tell about you?
> I consume knowledge in the morning, lead @YouthLiteracy Organisation (YouLI) in the afternoon, and run @EjoSocialMedia in the evening; then sleep at night.

6 – Dustin Ishimwe (@Ishimwe Dustin)

How are you feeling?
> Full of myself, but still hungry.

7  –  Nathalie Munyampenda (@nathmunya)

Where would people send you, if they found you lost (for example)?
> Umunyarwandakazi. Pan-African. Canuck. News Junkie. Tweets are my own. RTs are not endorsements! If found, return to #Rwanda.

8 – Patrick Buchana (@buchanarw)

What captures your attention?
> Rwandan Microsoft Student Ambassador | Contagious christian | President Hackers/Hackers – Rw | Talk about data and you have my full attention | writer |

9 – Fiona Kamikazi (@Fiona_Kamikazi)

“euuuh should i do this… :-D”
> UmunyaRwandakazi,Miss inter-university Rwanda,work for Kenya Commercial Bank (Rwanda),Fashion Model,FC Barcelona in my veins and euuuh should i do this … 😀

10 – Eric Bright (@EricBright)

Have you heard of black Jews?  Eric is one. And a proud atheist, too.
> Writer, Atheist and Black Jew.
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