See How Entrepreneur Raoul Rugamba Has Used Instagram to Promote Cultural Event

Entrepreneur Raoul Rugamba has posted a number of photos on his Instagram account, promoting the second edition of Hobe Rwanda, an annual traditional concert that features music and poetry performances by famous local artists, as well as exhibitions.

This year, the event is due to take place on Friday the 13th of September at Kigali Serena Hotel.

Among the popular figures on the photos include filmmaker Eric Kabera or Kwetu Film Institute, comedian Atome. On the following photo, they pose, humbly cheering at a local coffee shop.

Famous RnB singer King James also took part of the rally, apparently seating in music recording studio:

Former Miss Kigali, Cynthia Akazuba also posed with the poster:

Spoken word artist Robert Nkeramugaba also came in with a traditional Intore-like pose:

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