Top 10 Rwandan Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

For A Better Instagram Experience

As Rwanda’s face on Instagram continues to grow, we are constantly inspired by the many young man and women who are using their lenses to share moments of love and new adventures. For more of what’s interesting, find below 10 artists whom we think you’d enjoy following too. Young and passionate, they are, in one way or another, impacting change in their communities.

Like many of you, I enjoy Instagram. It’s been amazing to see the growth in use and how much people are sharing exciting photos there. These ten artists are not singers, but the sounds that their works are producing are setting a new level of creative leadership in the different fields.

1 – Ishimwe Clément

Music Producer and CEO of Kina Music

2 – Emmanuel Nkurunziza

A self-taught painter, co-owner of Inema Art Center


3 – Cynthia Butare

A filmmaker, producer of The Return.

4 – Gael V. Ruboneka

Photographer, co-founder and CEO at illume Creative Studio

A photo posted by Gael Vande weghe (@gael_rvw) on


5 – Angel Uwamahoro

Spoken word artist, actor and poet

6 – Umubyeyi Ornella

Author, spoken word poet and pastor


7 – Nkusi Arthur

Comedian, actor and radio presenter

A photo posted by Nkusi Arthur (@artnkusi) on

8 – Matthew Rugamba

Fashion designer, founder and creative director of House of Tayo


9 – Eric Ngangare

Spoken word poet, blogger and copywriter, known as “Eric One-key”

A video posted by 1key (@eric1key) on

10 – Dolph Banza

Illustrator at InkStain

A photo posted by Dolph (@banzadolph) on

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