Top 10 Rwandan Singers You Should Follow On Instagram

Of the very few, and sometimes inactive, Rwandan singers who use the current visually-big-thing, here is a list of the most interesting singers you should follow on Instagram.

For the music industry and your eye.

1 — Diana Teta

Most active, for the most revealing posts, Teta takes you through her lifestyle.

A photo posted by Teta Diana (@tetadn) on


2 — Meddy

For the best from the diaspora and Press One Entertainment.

A photo posted by Meddy (@meddy250) on


3 — Butera Knowless

For the most compelling and the top of the latest.


4 — Tom Close

A father, and a medical doctor, with the best of Kina Music.

A photo posted by Tom Close (@tomclose) on


5 — The Ben

Most healthy and engaging posts, The Ben is at the top. At least in the diaspora.


6 — Christopher

For the ladies, the wedding and the selfie.


7 — Jules Sentore

Before the image, there is the act and the fun.

A video posted by Jules Sentore (@julesentore) on


8 — Young Grace

For the most colourful and friendly.


9 — Bruce Melody

Moving, creative and fun images, Bruce Melodie wants you to follow.


10 — Senderi International Hit

For the most hilarious and “creative”, if you like.

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