Introducing Kigali Tweet and Greet

The Tweets and The Tweeters, Offline

2015 has been yet another gigantic year for Rwandans on Twitter. From the experience of really engaging hashtags to hilarious tweefs, or the endeavour creation of a RwOT-curated account @my250tweets, the growth in diversity has been, in many ways, spectacular. And we all look forward to a wonderful new year filled with inspiring tweets and social media content.

Before the year ends, we’re inviting everyone who finds peace, knowledge and power in social media, particularly Twitter, to celebrate what 2015 has brought as an experience.

Kigali Tweet and Greet is an event that brings together Rwandans on Twitter and other media personalities, including influencers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to celebrate the power of social media.

Think of an event where you get to meet your favourite tweeps and other social media personalities—chat, share a drink or two, exchange thoughts and have fun; all in an open, vibrant offline space.

I am, personally, super excited and I can’t wait to see all of you.

Have something to suggest to the organisers? Visit the event page and fill in the survey form, or register to attend.



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