Everything You Need To Know About ‘Kigali Tweet And Greet’

Ever since we announced Kigali Tweet and Greet, we have been working to coordinate the event and make sure it becomes successful. #KGLTG will take place on Wednesday, 30 December 2015 from 6pm to 9.30pm in the in the Car-free Zone, KN4 Ave.

Over the past few weeks, our team organised small tweet-ups to collect ideas from Rwandans on Twitter and involve them in the planning process.

Here are the answers to your FAQs:

What is KGLTG all about?

It’s a social event that brings together Rwandans on Twitter, and other influential social media personalities in the country, to celebrate the power of social media and what the technology has brought to their lives. We meet to share drinks, food, good music and exchange in conversations.

Is it an annual event?

No. Although this is the inaugural meet-up, we are planning to organise more events on a quarterly basis.

Do I need a Twitter account to attend?

No. Although it’s led by Rwandans on Twitter (RwOT), the event is not just about them – other people, including users who have influence on other social networking platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have been invited to attend.

What’s the first thing I should do when I reach there?

Look for Team Esicia. They’ll get you a nice badge for you to wear. It has your Twitter handle, or other username, on it. We call it your “membership card.”

However, it’s not mandatory. But if you have it, you get a chance to win some HelloFood #KGLTG coupons with promotions and other presents for the new year. It will also give you automatic access to our future events.

Also, it’s not completely free, if you ask. You’ll be required to pay the production cost – only rwf2,000. Yeah, just that.

What’s the second thing?

Look for Fiona Kamikazi. She’s the event’s inaugural curator. Please greet her. Look for other #RwOT and greet them. Say hi. Then grab a drink and join others, get to know them – if you don’t mind.

What should I expect from the event?

Expect to see Rwanda’s leading social media gurus. These are among the most brilliant people in the City. Seize the opportunity – don’t miss a chance to learn a thing or two.

What’s really happening?

Nothing. It’s cool, fun. A social gathering. Much of it is networking.

But there will be a YouthConnekt Hangout session, with a panel to discuss the theme of ‘How Far Can We Go’ – we really want you to share your opinion and vision in terms of how you want to use social media and what you’re doing to make it there; and what support you need.

We will be tweeting live, using #KGLTG. Jump in the conversation!

Oh, and these guys – these guys! – have hinted it all.

What’s the dress code?

No particular code. But curator Fiona Kamikazi joked, “no high-heels, no shorts. But feel comportable.”

Will food and drink be given for free?

No. They will be on sale. ChapChap and Bralirwa products at the venue will be as cheap as you’ve wished.

Financial advisory?

Frw5,000 should do it. Including your transport.

Will there be music?

Yes. But soft music. Mike Kayihura will sing live. An acoustic version of ‘Genda Rwanda Uri Nziza’. You can sample the performance by listening to the audio below:

There will also be other surprise performances (even by some of your favourite #RwOT). Stay tuned.

Will there be Wi-Fi?

Yes. Tigo Rwanda has got you covered. High-speed Wi-Fi.

Who will be the guest of honour?

You. Yes, you #RwOT.

Who are the people behind it?

KGLTG is orgnised by Ejo Group – we love everything social web and digital content – in partnership with several other individuals and organisations.

We’ve had tremendous support from the Ministry of Youth and ICT (through its YouthConnekt programme), the City of Kigali, HelloFood (oh, the food!) and family member ChapChap, Positive Production (of course the best), Hobe Agency (you guys know Hobe Rwanda organisers, right?), InkStain (the best illustrators in town), and of course fantastic team of Ishyo Arts Centre.

Special thanks to Go, Ltd, which is spearheading local content development, for the continued support throughout. Thank you kLab, Keen Cleaners and Yeyote Music.

#KGLTG. What’s next?

We’ve been to 2016 already. More social media events – including an exciting summit.

Want to know more about this event? Tweet us @EjoGroup or email KGLTG@ejo.co.rw anytime!



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