Rwanda’s Social Media Enthusiasts to Meet at ‘Kigali Tweet and Greet’

Illustration by Dolph Banza

Up to 300 Rwandans who use Twitter and other digital media personalities are expected to meet this week on Wednesday, 30 December 2015, according to digital content marketing and research firm Ejo Group, to celebrate the power of social media.

“We’re introducing Kigali Tweet and Greet to bring together Rwanda’s leading social media influencers, the Twitter community in particular,” creative director Gilbert Rwabigwi said. “The goal is to build on our daily digital interactions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or else and enable more connections.”

Much of the event will feature, Mr. Rwabigwi says, a networking session that lets attendees interact freely in the Car-free Zone area downtown.

Among the supporters of the initiative is the Minister of Youth and ICT, Hon. Jean Philbert Nsengimana. He believes it will enable Rwandans, especially the youth, to learn from each other and accelerate the ongoing digital revolution.

“Kigali Tweet and Greet is a great opportunity for social media users to connect and explore new ways of interacting” the minister says. “Twitter has played a key role in driving important social and political conversations in Rwanda. We have taken advantage of its openness to engage with citizens and, as government, we find it as an important  tool that helps driving transparency, service delivery and accountability to the next level”.

In an introductory note, the event’s inaugural curator and an active Twitter user, Ms. Fiona Kamikazi, said, “2015 has been a gigantic year for the community and that the growth in diversity has been spectacular.”

Kamikazi described her excitement and expectations for the event:

“Think of an event where you get to meet your favourite tweeps and other social media personalities—chat, share a drink or two, exchange thoughts and have fun; all in an open, vibrant offline space. I am, personally, super excited and I can’t wait to see all of you.”

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