One Rwandan Instagrammer Has Reacted To HelloFood’s Controversial Ad

“Skinny people are easier to kidnap,” a recent HelloFood advert reads. “Stay safe!”

It has raised much criticism across social media, especially Twitter, with people pointing to ‘insult’ and more.

But one Rwandan Instagram user has posted a fascinating rebuttal.

“Dear HelloFood,” she begins. “1. Skinny people are not easy to kidnap (try me.. I have my Swiss knife and I know very many scary words).

“2. The word skinny is literally the synonym of fat in terms of it being an insult. (In other words, that is bullying)

“3. That pizza you are tryna sell me won’t make me “not skinny”..believe me I tried

“4.  If it does make one not skinny… then I assure you, you are gonna lose 1/3 of your clients who are serious about cutting on their weight. (Donko muri kwihombya)

“Bref, from my point of view… this is some really poor advertisement,” she concludes and (jokingly, I suppose) warns. “Whoever came up with this better not cross paths with me.”

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