Rwanda’s Top 10 Best Tweeters of 2015

Ejo Social Media Rankings Report 2015

In her message to introduce Kigali Tweet and Greet in December, ardent tweeter Fiona Kamikazi put it well—that 2015 was “another gigantic year for Rwandans on Twitter,” we completely do agree.

Throughout the year, our team compiles data and conducts surveys to keep an eye on who’s doing what and how—but to also understand how Rwandans use social media. And, to best showcase our view the public, and everyone who believes in the power of digital media, we put together the Ejo Social Media Rankings Report to present the best.

They’ve been the best; most active, influential, engaging, consistent and forward-looking. Here’s our annual list of the best Rwandan tweeters of 2015 and how they made a difference:

1—Lucy Mbabazi

For remaining firm, open and most active. A public policy enthusiast, Lucy inevitably kept fellow Rwandans on Twitter awake throughout 2015.

2—Usher Komugisha

For standing out, delivering the best of sports reporting. Usher had no competitor; she did the unexpected, attracting thousands of followers from across the region and the continent.

3—Edwin Mukizawabo

For the best of short, concise commentaries on social and political issues, we had to catch Edwin’s striking one-liners.

4—Olivier Nduhungirehe

For standing out, especially among peers. Nduhungirehe vividly broke the barriers, to go lead the fights and always came out stronger.

5—Fiona Kamikazi

For being the most favourite to many. Ms. Kamikazi heartily said it all while keeping her secret to balance.

6—Yolande Makolo

For the most thoughtful tweets on Rwanda’s journey, Mrs. Yolande always knew how to put it best.

7—Richard Kwizera

For the diversity and integrity; Mr. Kwizera offerings, whether in sports or entertainment, were always painted with the right colours.

8—Fred Mwasa

For continued, captivating essentials of the news. Mwasa delivered the best of the catchy and straightforward updates.

9—Louise Mushikiwabo

For making a difference in 2015. Minister Mushikiwabo turned the text into a beautiful visual representation of a powerful woman in diplomacy.

10—Nathalie Munyampenda

For the focus, clarity and dedication; Nathalie emerged as an excellent fighter and avid commentator on national and regional issues.

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