Rwanda’s Top 10 Twitter Users of 2016

Thorough and Consistent, Bold and Influential

We monitor the interactions, follow the trends, check out analytics tools, talk to people (the users), ask questions and wrestle with the data; again and again. We call this our process, and it gives us an understanding of how Rwandans on Twitter influence the news and the conversations on- and offline.

2016 made us realise exactly three things: One, many Rwandans aren’t afraid anymore to express their views and criticism. (Even toward Government) Two, Twitter can be boring, especially when people have serious things to talk about and need to use more than three tweets to express a single opinion. Three, “live-tweeting” is the cool thing but we still have a long way to go.

We do not know exactly what your plans for the rest of 2017 are, but starting a blog might be a great idea! (And we’re happy that at least five of the people on this list have a blog.)

For their thoroughness and consistency, influence and boldness, these are our top 10 picks for the past year.

1 — Lucy Mbabazi (@Lucy Mbabazi)

For the passion and continued leadership, and for remaining on the top of her game since our inaugural list.

2 — Eric Ngangare (@eric1key)

Perhaps Eric did more for Facebook community, but Rwandans on Twitter will remember him as the most outspoken throughout the year.

3 — Marie Linganwa (@lingamar)

For creating room for essential conversations on health, culture, and everything in between.

4 — Albert Rudatsimburwa (@albcontact)

For the activism and ardor to keep followers informed about ongoing crisis in the region.

5 — Yolande Makolo (@YolandeMakolo)

For fiercely defending her views and offering the best amplification of the Government’s voice.

6 — Louise Mushikiwabo (@LMushikiwabo)

For the always-engaging tweets and for embracing a new, catchy tone.

7 — Fiona Kamikazi (@Fiona_Kamikazi)

For the fun and authenticity.

8 — Richard Kwizera (@Muzungu4)

For continued updates, especially from the entertainment and cultural scenes.

9 — Rosine Urujeni (@urumenesha)

For the daily dose of Kinyarwanda and insights on Rwandan history.

10 — Fred Mwasa (@mwasa)

On what’s happening here and there, Mwasa put light to the highlights.

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