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The Kigalian is an independent-minded source of provocative ideas, stories, and profiles. We publish content from writers and storytellers who look to the future. To learn more about our vision, please visit the About page.

This note is meant to provide guidance to existing or potential writers and contributors for the months ahead.

There is a lot going on in all sectors. And due to massive flows of information, if not a lack of it thereof, people are struggling to make sense of trends. Filling the vacuum requires clarity and analysis of trendlines. Good writing is clear thinking, and that’s probably how we come in.

In Twenty-twenty, we’ll focus on stories that are informative and educative as we also stay true to the core values of this publication. A keen interest on explaining the status-quo, making sense of what’s led the city (and the country at large) where it is now — and exploring future trends to enhance our audience’s sense of meaning and vision — will remain a priority.

We encourage writers to keep an eye on Rwanda’s ongoing strides with its MICE strategy, tourism and marketing efforts, business and technology ecosystem, as well as how globalisation shapes local politics. There are many initiatives that are leading progress and, sometimes, individuals who are driving change are unnoticed. Writing about people from all walks of life, with all their individual complexities, could add value to our understanding of events — so, this is highly encouraged as well.

Throughout the year, we’ll be looking to provocative opinion pieces, writing that gets people to think and engage in robust conversations — be it with themselves or others. But we’ll be emphasising informed opinion. Question whether an opinion is right or wrong can be a matter of debate, but when opinions are well informed they are always useful. We believe, that way, at least, they will serve our mission to inform and educate.

Writers and contributors are encouraged to provide as many references as they can alongside their copy before submitting to the editor. We’re not asking people to write academic papers; referencing in this sense will save us space, energy, and time. It, essentially, serves as a way to link our readers to further resources to explore the topics or information we’re dealing with.

Alternatively, The Kigalian could use writers’ sense of taste to their favourite drinks and places to hangout, if it’s genuine, substantial, and not written for mere purposes of publicity. If there is a concept or idea you’re contemplating, we’re keen to let our audience get a glimpse of its significance as well.

And regarding style:

As much as style matters, we’ll look to clarity more than anything. If it’s not a long profile or deep dive into an amusing topic, we will strive to keep our writing brief and on point. There is nothing wrong about explaining that other idea in another piece. Writers are encouraged to submit copies whose word count does not go beyond 600. That’s six hundred. (Noticed we write numbers in full, with a few exceptions, even complex ones? Sure, there are a lot more things to share regarding the Kigalian style, so it's coming soon in a comprehensive guide.)

Lastly, writers are encouraged to engage on topics they understand best. To ensure quality material, our editors will work to ensure stories are told by the right persons; people who have a foothold in the right communities and add as sense of knowledge and expertise to add to the platform.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please reach out.