Yosemite First Impressions

Hands-on review of the Beta version of OS X. A passionate loyalist’s first impressions of the most advanced operating system… yet.

10.10 could arguably be the best UI design on a Mac, but this is the same thing with every Apple release. Rather than go along the same marketing lines Apple constantly uses I will attempt to paint an unbiased portrait of the experience I so far have with my Macbook Air and iMac.

That Feedback Assistant though

Apparently relying on a certain AppleSeed remote serving engine, the feedback assistant has been a real sloth to work with. For a second it really dimmed my expectations to a dark low leaving a distant spark of hope that maybe by zealously reporting back to Apple engineers things would get better in the fall. So far I logged seven incidents, ignoring many other that I consider new changes that I simply need to accept…

… like the fact that iTunes doesn’t respond to the play/pause key anymore!

I already noticed the bug with iTunes 11 before Yosemite brought the upgrade to 12. Is the keyboard layout going to change? I really enjoyed hitting the play/pause button, especially when following a coding podcast and being able to pause without leaving the IDE you’re working on. Real bummer! The mini-player appears alongside its own maxi-sized version and my name is on the app. Why?

Icy-cool and fresh choice of colors and forms

That translucent UI effect is off the charts! I was surprised to experience it while scrolling a page in Safari (now a simple window frame to Webland). At first I thought the topaz-blue color of the folder icon was kinda shouting, but I got used to it pretty fast because it blends well with the default highlight color. The login screen screams serenity, the new icons and the dock are gorgeous to look at, I simply wish I could control the opacity of the translucent effect. I don’t like the dark menu bar option… when it’s ON I can’t read how long I’ve been using my dialup connection. And the new font doesn’t sit well with me. I get that whole Helvetica Neue thing with iOS 8 but honestly nobody’s going to sense a disconnect in the experience of what Apple wants to define as their version of the Internet of Things. Just bring back the same font used in Mavericks please. Thank you.

Spotlight and Notifications are pure bliss, but thou shall not force Bing search unto me. It is high time you got rid of Dashboard and Stickies app by the way, too much clutter and redundancy.

Buggy Apps

iBooks doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo about translucency. And today I got a really annoying experience using Pages. I wasn’t able to pick a format style from the list more than once unless I force-quit the app and tried again. Saving to iCloud is now com~Apple~Pages and iCloud Drive actually saves in my root folder…

I am being required to reinstall Java on my MBA and on the iMac Xcode 6 Beta caused another ghost icon to appear in the Launchpad showing a failed App Store download yet I was already experimenting with the IDE.



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